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Canine Massage Therapy
More than ever before we are all paying closer attention to the health and well being of our companion animals. They are living longer and more complicated lives. Veterinary care has grown to provide services once only offered to humans. It's a natural extension that massage and physical therapy follow suit.
Massage can provide relief from chronic pain, increase range of motion, accelerate healing by improving circulation and efficiency of body systems, and improve the strength and flexibility of the musculo-skeletal framework. Massage can improve function in every area of the body for optimal injury recovery and maintenance; including circulatory, respiratory, neurological, muscular, skeletal, endocrine and lymphatic systems.
Debby Zuber is professionally trained, nationally certified, and licensed in the State of Washington as a Small Animal Massage Practitioner.
Debby will work with your veterinarian to develop a treatment plan for your pet. Massage is not a replacement for veterinary care and is contra-indicated for some illnesses, which is why itís important for all healthcare providers to communicate and work together for the benefit of your canine companion.
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