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Dental Cleaning
We have partnered with Natural Pet Dental to provide dental cleaning services.
Contact us to learn more about service rates and to make an appointment.
Natural Pet Dental's 7 step Non-Anesthesia Dental Procedure:
  1. Oral examination on the non-anesthetized animal. We check for swellings and painful areas. We open and close the mouth to check for pain. We examine each tooth and check for calculus and inflammation. Any inflammation, recession or loose teeth are brought to the attention of the owner and doctor.
  2. Heavy and light deposits are removed from buccal, lingual, and interproximal surfaces of the teeth.
  3. Subgingival (slightly below the gumline) scaling.
  4. Polishing.
  5. Irrigation.
  6. Probing and charting.
  7. We consult with the Veterinarian who determines the individual pet dental needs such as antibiotics. We then explain the importance of daily at home tooth brushing and try to get the pet on a maintenance program if the pet needs this service.